NEW YORK — It’s an awkward but crucial step for reporters as they get ready to report from the White House, Capitol Hill and the White Houses.

The new reporting guidelines put the burden on reporters to show that they can accurately report on the events that unfold before, during and after an event.

They also require reporters to make sure their stories are balanced, fair and accurate.

In the White Senate briefing room, reporters were not allowed to wear their press badges, a move that drew criticism from some lawmakers.

The rules, signed by the White house press secretary, Scott Clement, are a way to ensure that reporters are doing their jobs as they report on any potential issues or issues facing the administration, Clement said.

Clement said reporters are not allowed in the briefing room during events that involve any members of the Cabinet or members of Congress.

They are also prohibited from entering the Whitehouse press briefing room while it is open, unless a security guard or deputy is available.

The rules were put in place to ensure reporters can do their jobs in a timely fashion and report on anything that is going on in the WhiteHouse or Capitol.

The White House press secretary said the rules are designed to protect the president’s credibility and the news media.

It is important to note that there are no rules on the books regarding what we can and cannot say during a briefing room.

The rules are for a reason and they are designed for a certain level of professionalism, he said.

He said the rule will have no impact on the news outlets’ ability to be objective.

It is the job of the news organizations to present the news.

The White House is not concerned with the reporting,” Clement said in a statement.

As for the new reporting rules, they were originally put in to protect journalists’ safety, he added.

They were never intended to prevent the Whitehouses from conducting their own press briefings, he told reporters.

This is the third major step the White houses has taken to change its reporting rules.

In March, the Trump administration changed how the press corps reports to the public, limiting who is allowed in and the ability to get to and from the Oval Office.

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