After nearly four years of fighting deforestation, there is still no solution to the problem of poor food security in South America.

That is the conclusion of an analysis published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

The authors say they were inspired to conduct this analysis after watching a documentary on how the South American region has been struggling with deforestation.

They say this is a serious problem and the solution has to be as simple as possible.

For decades, governments have failed to address deforestation by simply allowing companies to cut down trees.

As a result, the researchers say, the region is now faced with a serious environmental challenge.

In addition, the poor conditions of land use and agricultural practices have led to an explosion of diseases, including malaria, that can infect people in the region.

This paper outlines the research they conducted to determine how to tackle deforestation in South American agriculture.

They also suggest that more attention should be paid to forest management.

Their study shows that a large number of tropical rainforests have been cleared in the last 50 years, and the number of land uses and land use density that are being used is increasing.

This study is the first to document this increase in deforestation, which could have severe environmental consequences.

For example, the authors say that this is an issue that has the potential to impact food security, which is a key issue for South American governments and farmers.

The study authors also point out that the amount of deforestation is increasing in the Amazon and in parts of Brazil.

However, deforestation is not the only environmental problem in the Brazilian Amazon.

A report published in Nature Climate Science found that over the past two decades, climate change has increased the risk of major forest fires in the forestlands of Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

These findings raise important questions, such as what role climate change plays in increasing the rate of deforestation in these countries, and whether there is any way to mitigate the effects of climate change.

The researchers also argue that a better understanding of the environmental problems that are driving deforestation will help governments to improve their policies to reduce deforestation.

For instance, the study authors suggest that policies aimed at reducing deforestation could include a moratorium on deforestation and/or a reduction in deforestation activity.

However the authors acknowledge that this will not be enough.

The researchers say that governments need to develop policies that address the environmental and social consequences of deforestation.

A major challenge for South America, they say, is that many countries in the South do not have the infrastructure to prevent deforestation.

For example, there are currently no effective forest management systems in South and Central America.

In the region, farmers need to manage forests in order to survive, which means controlling deforestation.

The study authors say these policies may not work in the future.

For more information, see the paper in Nature.

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