What if you could teach kids with ADD to solve problems?

That’s the idea behind Problem Solution Therapy, which is one of the largest and most effective programs for treating children with ADHD.

But it can take a while to get kids into the program, which can cause some of them to feel confused or overwhelmed.

What you need to know about ADHD.

How to get diagnosed.

What’s the difference between ADD and ADHD?

Where does ADHD fit in with everything else?

How can ADHD be treated?

Find out more.

The idea for the program came to James O’Connor, a professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

He says the goal is to help students understand that ADHD is not an exclusive condition, but rather, that it is a “universal” problem that needs to be addressed.

O’Connors students have participated in the program for five years, and they’re now at the beginning stages of what he calls “the most comprehensive treatment for ADD in the world.”

“There is a growing consensus among professionals that ADHD affects nearly all children,” he says.

“And it is the most severe of all disorders, but it is also one of our most effective interventions.”

Problem Solution Therapy was developed by O’Connell and his wife, Christine, and involves a combination of play therapy, therapy with teachers, therapy for kids who have been diagnosed, and individual therapy with the children.

Each of the sessions is focused on one aspect of ADHD, and then the kids learn a new skill or problem and get a chance to solve it together.

“The problem of ADHD has been around for years, but the only way we’ve ever gotten people to look at it in terms of the underlying problem of how to get the child to change, is to talk about it as a disorder,” O’Donnells wife says.

Problem Solution Therapys students are encouraged to develop new skills and learn new ways of solving problems that are challenging, which O’Reilly says is the main difference between the treatment and regular classroom therapy.

OConnor says he and his students are able to get into a deeper, more personal conversation with the therapist than he can in a regular classroom setting.

“The teachers are a big part of the difference,” Ollie says.

One of the biggest hurdles to getting kids into Problem Solution therapy is that it can be difficult for them to understand what they’re doing.

Ollies parents also struggle with the fact that their children don’t want to be in a classroom.

“It’s a lot easier for them when they are in a room with a teacher,” Olla says.

O’Reilly thinks that’s where the difference in the therapy comes from.

He believes that because teachers are able be more involved with their students, they can help kids understand how their behavior and symptoms can affect their ability to learn.

He also says the teacher can help children better understand how ADHD affects their behavior.

“When you have a teacher that is willing to talk to your child about their own behavior, your child will be able to see that their behavior is part of their own problem, and that you are not responsible for that behavior,” OReilly says.

In some cases, Olles parents also have to make sure their kids don’t get into trouble with the school district because they’re not in the classroom.

When the children are in the school’s building, they may not be able go into the gym or play outside.

Ola says the best way to ensure that their kids are in their classrooms is to have the teacher in the room with them, so they can be more aware of what’s going on.

“We have to have them in the same room together, because they need to see their teacher,” she says.

For the Ollys, the program has been very beneficial.

They have their kids in the office for about three months, and the teachers have been incredibly supportive, and Ollis’ children are now able to focus on the work at hand, instead of being distracted by their peers or by other children.

“They are able see that they are not alone, and there is someone there that cares,” Ola adds.

O llie says it’s important for teachers to know that they can ask their students questions, and if they don’t understand, they should be aware that there are resources available to help.

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