CNN Money is reporting that the number of jobs that could be saved by outsourcing is growing exponentially.

While it’s true that jobs that are currently outsourced are now cheaper and easier to find, there’s a growing number of workers who are simply out of options.

CNNMoney is tracking this phenomenon, finding out what jobs could be cut if companies are forced to hire more Americans and find a way to make that work.

It’s a challenge that we’re not just dealing with now, but could be a bigger problem down the road.

A big job for the US workforce is the problem, as millions of people are looking for work and are desperate to find work.

As CNNMoney reports, there are currently more than 8.2 million Americans in the labor force, and more than 15 million of those are working in the service sector.

The number of Americans working in service has been increasing at a faster rate than any other occupation over the past decade, and is expected to rise to 15 million by 2020.

This is partly due to automation, which means the jobs that Americans are currently working in have been replaced by machines.

But many of those jobs also offer an amazing opportunity for people with disabilities.

The US is the largest provider of health care to the world and one of the largest recipients of disability benefits.

That means millions of Americans have a job that’s a lot harder to find than it used to be.

CNN Money asked people to give us a tip on what they would like to see happen to the job market.

We asked them what would be the biggest problem facing the workforce, and then we tracked what companies have done to address the problem.

Here’s what we learned.

What is the job situation for Americans with disabilities?

In a recent study, the U.S. Department of Labor found that more than 9 million Americans are unemployed, and about 5 million of them are underemployed.

This means they’re either unable to find a job or simply unable to do so.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t people out there who are job-seeking, but a growing percentage of Americans who are unable to work because of a disability is a real problem.

The unemployment rate for Americans without a disability in 2016 was 6.2%.

That’s up from 5.3% in 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

There are several reasons for this, according the Department of Commerce, and the biggest one is that there’s not enough jobs.

Many Americans are unable because they have a disability, or because they are disabled, or are too busy trying to find employment to do that job.

According to the BLS, only 7% of Americans with a disability are in full-time work.

But the unemployment rate is rising, which has a negative effect on those who are still out of work.

The BLS has said that while people who are unemployed are in a “very precarious situation,” the overall unemployment rate has been declining for the past three years.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics estimates that over the same period, the number who are undebanded is growing.

What is the best solution to the problem?

Companies need to be doing more to provide people with a career, and to help them find work that’s actually better for them.

We heard from many of the companies we surveyed, and they have taken some steps to help.

In the past year, the Federal Reserve has increased interest rates, increased the minimum wage, and increased the eligibility for disability benefits, according The Associated Press.

These are all steps that should be followed, especially by companies that have been hit hard by the recession.

But companies should also do their part to help those in the workforce get the help they need.

Many companies, like Uber and Airbnb, offer benefits like paid sick leave and paid family leave, which can help people who don’t have full- or part-time jobs.

But these benefits can be hard to find for people who have a serious disability.

If companies don’t offer benefits that help workers with disabilities, they may end up looking at people with mental illnesses and even people who may have had a prior job in the past.

The most effective solution is to get rid of barriers.

That includes creating a work environment where people feel valued and supported, which includes ensuring people are given the chance to get a fair shake when it comes to getting a job, CNN Money reported.

That’s not to say companies should be completely eliminating barriers, but they should make it easier to get ahead and be part of the workforce.

How can you make a difference in the workplace?

We’ve been tracking job creation and job opportunities for nearly a decade now, and we’ve found that Americans with disability can’t be left out of the labor market.

But with more companies going to market with an eye toward the future, the job opportunities are going to grow.

And this could be the job that keeps America’s economy going.

So what can you do? If

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