Google News search is an excellent way to find answers to your questions.

But how do you find out if someone is lying when they tell you that they are, for example, gay or bisexual?

That’s where your questions come in. 

A search for “Gay” brings up a page that allows you to search for and click on “gay” to get a quick answer.

But the page is not entirely accurate.

It’s not the only page that says gay, or the only gay-friendly page that doesn’t list gay people by name.

Google News also says “gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender” as a search term.

“So I’m not 100 per cent sure which of these are accurate,” says Dr. Mackenzie Coyle, director of the Australian Centre for Sexuality Studies at RMIT University.

Dr. Mackenzie C. Coyle: People lie.

They lie in all kinds of ways.

Sometimes it’s because they’re not happy, sometimes it’s just because they can’t find the answer. 

What is an “anti-bullying” response? 

“When someone is feeling unsafe, they are more likely to be reluctant to speak up, or they may be scared to say anything because they are afraid of being attacked,” Dr. Coyne says.

The Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) found that around 40 per cent of people who say they have experienced bullying in the past year have been sexually harassed.

This figure is higher for male victims, but women are twice as likely to experience sexual harassment.

“It’s a real problem because it’s something that can really be harmful to a person’s mental health,” Dr Coyle says. 

Is there a good way to tell the difference between someone who is telling the truth and someone who isn’t? 

It’s hard to know how to distinguish between genuine honesty and lying, Dr Coyle explains.

“But it is important to know that if you see someone who says, ‘I am not gay’, you should know they’re telling the whole truth, that they’re going to say it as truthfully as they can.” 

Is it OK to lie about being gay? 

The answer to that is yes.

In fact, there’s a whole world of grey area around how to interpret what someone says when they’re lying. 

“There are times when you might see a person who is lying, but they’re actually saying something that’s really distasteful,” Dr Karp says.

“The fact that the person is lying may not be something that you know is a lie, but it’s not really something you can tell to them. 

In the same way that you can’t tell someone who has been in a relationship, you can only tell someone to stop lying.”

Dr Coynes says that you might not know that someone is gay until you are confronted with them in a situation where they might be telling the lie.

“Sometimes it may be hard to tell someone is homosexual, but you should ask them about it because it can be really distressing and it can put them in such a difficult situation,” she says.

“If someone is genuinely honest with you and you know that they really are gay, you should be able to tell them that they can tell you.”

Is it possible to tell if someone’s lying to you without them having told you about it? 

In a study conducted by the AIFS and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), researchers asked a random sample of people to take a polygraph test.

In the first half of the test, the researchers asked the participants if they would lie to you if you asked them a question about themselves, a sexual orientation, or their sexual preference.

In order to be eligible for the second half of their test, participants had to answer questions about themselves as well as the sexual orientation of the person they were being asked to test. 

The results were that the participants who lied most often were gay men, and the participants most often who lied less often were straight women.

Dr Croyne says it’s important to remember that not all gay people lie.

But “it’s something you need to keep in mind when you’re in a sexual situation, when you have a partner or if you’re talking to someone that might be gay or lesbian.” 

If someone you are dating tells you that you are gay but it turns out you’re not, does that mean they’re still lying? 

Dr Karp and Dr Clynne both say that it’s always possible to lie and it’s only a matter of whether you believe them.

“If you feel like it’s a lie or you don’t believe them, you shouldn’t tell them,” Dr Karp says, “but if they’re sincere, and you feel comfortable with that, then it’s OK to tell that person.” 

But Dr Cleyns says that

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