Business Insider’s Scott Horsley is a founder of the YouTube video company GetTier, which sells a variety of products.

One of them is a service called a “screen problem” solution.

You can watch YouTube videos and then create an automated, real-time video to sell your product.

It’s the same approach YouTube used to sell its advertising.

Horsleys team created a system for this to work with YouTube ads and they call it a “Screen Problem Solution.”

He explained how it works in a video above.

Business Insider/Scott Horsles video above, YouTube, Screen Problem Solution, GetTier solution, screen problem solution source Techradar title YouTube wants to sell you a screen problem, but it won’t help you find one article The YouTube video platform is working to make it easier for people to sell ads to the platform and has been doing so for some time.

But it’s a little more complicated than it sounds, because the company has had a number of problems with how it’s selling ads.

Honsley explained in a recent video on how to sell a video that the company is launching a new, more streamlined way to sell video ads.

The new approach will give people the ability to directly target their audiences using a variety, more targeted video content.

It will also make it more simple for users to monetize their videos with YouTube’s advertising network.

Hinsley said in the video that this is a big deal for the platform.

Hosslacher, of the advertising agency R&DV, said the platform is taking a lot of the guesswork out of selling video ads, which is why the platform was able to get the attention of YouTube in the first place.

The video, titled “How to sell and sell a Video,” is also about getting video to the people.

HInsley said that he wanted to talk to Horsons team about the new approach.

H Insley: The video was originally called a ‘Screen Problem Solver,’ but I wanted to say that the product, the way it was developed was not for that, it was designed for selling video.

H Horskins team: But we realized that we could actually make a solution to selling videos for the platforms.

HINSLEY: The product was actually designed to help the platforms, so we decided to build it to sell on our own, and it worked really well.

The product has a number features that are very similar to the original “screen solution” videos, but the new way of selling videos is actually a very different experience.

Hobsler explained that he believes that this new approach is much better for the advertisers who sell video advertising.

He said that a lot more of the ads are now being sold on platforms like YouTube and Facebook, and these platforms are really getting into the selling video advertising space.

HOsler said that the new video ad platform is designed for people who want to sell advertising to the platforms and not for the sites that are selling advertising to them.

Henslacher: We were able to leverage the platform to help us sell ads that were very, very specific and very tailored to the target audience.

H INSLEY: And I think this is really good for the brands.

It also means that advertisers can go out and say, “Hey, you guys can do this with our platform,” and it allows us to reach more people and to reach them more easily.

Holslacher said that YouTube is a huge target for advertisers.

HHinsley: When people are searching on YouTube, they are seeing ads for everything from books to sports to movies, and they are very interested in seeing these kinds of ads, because they are going to pay a lot.

And the platforms are very, really interested in selling that kind of ads to people.

Now, the ads that are available on the platforms aren’t as compelling, but people are interested in them, so that’s why advertisers are going out and buying them.

And so that is really a good thing.

HANSLACHER: And if I understand correctly, the advertisers that are buying the ads now are the ones that are trying to get a piece of the action, not the platforms that are providing that opportunity.

H Osler: Absolutely.

H Manslacher also told TechRadars audience that YouTube was one of the companies that has been working on a new way to monetizing video ads for years, and the company was able do this using YouTube’s AdSense.

YouTube has had some problems selling ads to its partners.

YouTube’s ad partners have struggled with monetization, as well.

HONSLACHERS: AdSense was really the gold standard for how to do that, and for a lot for a while it was pretty well nailed down.

And that’s what we were trying to do with the ad solution.

The way that you can monetize your video, it is a lot like an

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