Posted January 16, 2019 09:57:31 The Queensland Health Service (QHS) has confirmed a “significant” reduction in the number of phimosis cases reported across the state.

The Queensland Health Board (QHB) confirmed a significant reduction in phimotic cases reported in the state’s south from January 9 to January 20, 2017.

QHB spokesperson Dr Chris Macdonald said there had been a significant number of cases reported since the start of the year.

“As a result of a rapid increase in the reported cases we have seen a significant decrease in the incidence of phymias, which has also helped to reduce hospitalisation rates,” Dr Macdonald told News24.

There were currently 686 reported phimotes in Queensland in 2017, down from 734 in 2016.

Queensland Health said it was working with the QHB to identify and address any underlying causes.

Dr Macdonald noted the “significant reduction” in cases was primarily due to the removal of the Queensland Public Health Code (QPHC) from the QHBS website.

He said there was a number of other factors involved with the reduction in cases, including a “more thorough investigation” of the cases that had been reported to QHB.

This “has been a major factor” in reducing the number, he said.

On the same day, the QHC announced a number other measures, including extending the deadline for reporting a phimote to an additional 30 days, and restricting the number and type of items people could bring to their local shops for phimoses.

A total of 824 people were diagnosed with phimotism in Queensland, compared to 836 in 2016 and 736 in 2015.

Health Secretary Scott Emerson said the Queensland Health System was working to ensure Queensland remained a safe place for all Queenslanders to live, work and play.

Key points:QHBS chief medical officer Dr Chris MacDonald said the state had a high number of reported phisic cases, particularly in the south, and that there was an increase in hospitalisation

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