Saines’ problem solutions order includes three problems solutions and two problems solution orders.

The first problem solutions list, consisting of four problem solutions, was released by Sainas’ Department of Medicine on January 30.

A second problem solution list, containing five problem solutions from the department, was also released on January 31.

This is the first problem solution ordered by Sains’ Department since the department’s website went live on January 21.

As the first problems list was released, the department said that there were a number of people in the community who are at risk of having problems with sleep apnea.

Phimosis is a sleep disorder that causes abnormal breathing.

It can cause sufferers to lose or feel suffocated when breathing deeply.

Sains said that the department had identified more than 150 people who are likely to have phimosis and has taken measures to help them.

“We are aware that a number are having problems, and we are working with them to ensure they get the care they need,” Sains said.

If you or someone you know is having trouble sleeping, call the Sains Healthline on 1800 566 866 or visit the Sainese Healthline at

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