Business Insider article “We are a big team of people who are really passionate about this,” said Maitreya Maitreyar, a vice president of blockchain business development at EMEA-based startup Chain.

“Our goal is to build a solution that people can actually use.”

The solution that is built in Chain’s solution is called the ‘Blockchain Solution for Business’.

The company aims to create a solution for businesses that are in the process of solving a business problem.

“Businesses don’t need any help,” Maitreys said.

“They can go in the wrong direction.”

Chain’s solution uses a blockchain for the blockchain.

It uses Ethereum, the Ethereum blockchain, to create smart contracts.

Smart contracts can create transactions between people.

Chain is working on a solution in partnership with an ethereum-based blockchain company called RethinkDB.

It is currently looking to raise $3.5 million in venture capital.

In the future, Chain hopes to use blockchain technology for other industries, including energy, healthcare and food.

The company is also developing a solution to the issue of fraudulent sales.

Chain has invested $2 million in the Indian government’s e-governance initiative, which aims to digitize and digitize government records.

Chain’s blockchain solution can be used for government records that are digitally signed and verified by the government.

Chain will be looking to use Blockchain for government databases and government agencies.

It is important to note that Chain is working with blockchain technology to develop its blockchain solution.

The solution can use any blockchain, including Ethereum, and the company is currently working on the development of a new blockchain, called BlockChain.

The company plans to use this new blockchain to create digital signatures on all government records for its government business.

“We want to be the first to do this,” Mitchreyar said.

Chain plans to launch an app that will allow businesses to securely track their financial records, as well as the transaction history of their businesses.

“With blockchain, there are no borders between businesses and government,” Mitzreyar added.

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