ESPN Crikey’s Peter Beagle, who is the co-author of the HBO drama series “Downtons,” has come out swinging against the HBO show’s second season, saying it wasn’ t the show’s best episode and that it didn’t deliver on the expectations of viewers.

“It was weirdly, I don’t know, not as bad,” Beagle said in an interview with Sportsnet’s The Rundown.

“The episode where I was trying to find my identity was, I mean, I didn’t think that I was going to make it.

Why am I doing this? “

It was a lot of pressure, and then I was like, ‘What am I going to do?

Why am I doing this?

Is this really going to work?'”

Beagle’s comments come a day after HBO announced that it will debut a new spin-off series, “Dawn of the Dead,” which will explore the characters past and present in a story about the undead.

The show will premiere at the beginning of next year.

Beagle has said that his character, Ser Richard III, is the main reason he wanted to write the second season of the series.

“I think that the show is so important that I felt I needed to do this for my character, and that’s the reason I wanted him to be in the second [season],” Beagle told Sportsnet.

“Because I think it was important for the show to be a kind of a mirror image of the real world.”

Beagle, a frequent critic of the show, called the show a “very poorly written, poorly acted, poorly directed, poorly produced, poorly written television program.”

“I don’t think it’s the best show on TV, but it’s certainly the best thing I’ve ever seen, and it’s probably the best that’s ever been made,” Beagles said.

“Downtonia” is a British drama series that began in 2014 and airs on PBS in the U.S. and on Amazon Prime in Canada.

It stars Kate Beckinsale as the titular character and Joanna Lumley as her stepdaughter, Molly, who lives in a “royal house” where they have no servants.

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