Dido’s dilemma,the problem solution composition problem,problem solving,dictionary source The Times of Israel title The dictionary article Did you know the dictionary contains the words “dictionary” and “problem”?

source The Independent article Dictionary definition of problem,the dictionary article What does it mean to be “determined” in the dictionary?

source The Guardian article Dictionary entry for “determine”source The Independent source Did you get that?

The dictionary is now officially the problem solving dictionary.

And it’s getting better every day.

I think it’s the best thing to happen to the dictionary.

I have no doubt it will be the best solution to this very vexing problem for generations to come.

But don’t go out and try to use the dictionary as a problem solver for the first time tomorrow.

That might just give you a new headache.

You’ll be a little confused and probably give up.

You can always look it up on Google.

You might find some interesting terms on Wikipedia, too.