A YouTube video called “Belif problem solving commercials” has been receiving lots of attention from Google News users.

The adverts, which can be found on the YouTube channel of Belif UK, have a similar premise to the “Find my missing Belf problem solving videos” ads found in many Google News articles: you can ask the adverts questions to try and get answers, but they won’t give you any useful information.

It’s unclear why Google decided to make this video.

“Beliefs are like the wind, it always changes direction,” the description on the channel reads.

“We believe in the power of faith.”

However, the advert has been a hit on Google News, with the majority of the 1,400,000 views coming from users in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the US.

The original YouTube video is also now up on YouTube.

It’s still unknown how much money Google is making from this adverts.

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