A group of Israeli doctors who study whiteheads, also known as facial blemishes, are calling for an end to the practice of using whiteners as a treatment for acne, as well as the use of topical creams and scrubs to treat whiteheads.

The group’s new book, The Whitehead Solution, details their journey through dermatology and cosmetic dermatology, with chapters devoted to whiteheads in Israel and abroad.

According to the book, whiteheads are a common condition that can cause dryness, inflammation and even permanent scarring.

Whiteheads are one of the most common problems in dermatology that dermatologists encounter, and there are multiple causes, including genetics, environmental factors and environmental triggers.

According to the group, the main reason that whiteheads occur is because of the imbalance of the pH of the skin.

While the pH is normally neutral in the body, some people experience an imbalance due to environmental triggers, including high pH levels, lack of sunlight, chemicals and even skin-conditioning products.

Whiteheads are commonly seen on the face, scalp and neck, with the majority of cases occurring on the lower half of the body.

“If we want to treat acne, we need to remove these whiteheads as soon as possible,” said Dr. Naftali Ben-Naim, director of the Division of Dermatology at Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine and chairman of the board of the Skin-Dermatology Association of Israel.

The authors of the book say that whitehead treatments can help patients achieve the “perfect balance” of pH, sun exposure, sunlight exposure and makeup.

There are a number of whitening creams, sprays, lotions, and soaps that can be used to treat whiteness problems, but they often have the side effects of drying the skin and causing redness.

In Israel, there are many whitening and whitening products available, but many of them are not well tolerated and may cause allergic reactions, according to Ben-Kiran.

If we have a good product, the skin becomes more soft, which is why it is necessary to use the right whitening treatment,” he said.

Another popular treatment is to apply a moisturizer, and while there is no scientific proof to back up the claim that moisturizers cause acne, many believe they are effective treatments.

But while some whitening treatments are effective, others may not work for everyone, according the book.

Skin-Dermotherapy Association of the Jewish People and Physicians for Human Rights (SIHHP) have called for a nationwide boycott of products containing products containing benzalkonium chloride and the related chemicals.

The Israeli government has also banned the sale of whiteheads-related products.

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