The solution to a centroid problem is a problem set, a list of problems to solve.

The problem set is composed of problems that you are interested in solving.

Here are some of the centroid problems that can be solved:1.

How many letters do you write in your handwriting?2.

How long does your writing take?3.

How does the line flow down the page?4.

Can you type a picture of a person?5.

Can I read your handwriting using a computer?6.

How do you spell your name?7.

What does your handwriting look like?8.

How often do you use a pen?9.

Do you write a lot?10.

How much money do you have?11.

How can I help you?12.

Can a person read your thoughts?13.

How did you come up with the idea for the idea?14.

How big a dog is too big for a human?15.

What is your favorite sport?16.

Can someone read my thoughts?17.

How could you solve this problem?18.

What do you think of the word “mushroom”?19.

Can we use a coin to determine the right answer?20.

How about this: I have a problem with a number of numbers.21.

How would you solve that problem?22.

What are some common types of questions you get?23.

How old are you?24.

How tall is your head?25.

What color is your hair?26.

What type of car are you driving?27.

What kind of car do you drive?28.

Do I need to buy a new computer every year?29.

What size does my earlobe?30.

Can an airplane seat be larger than a bed?31.

How to pronounce the word: “mug.”32.

What’s the difference between a “n” and a “z”?33.

How is the word pronounced in French?34.

What happens when you call someone “daddy”?35.

What would be the name of the song that your child would sing if they heard it?36.

What happened when your son told you that he was a vampire?37.

What were the words that the Japanese called the person who came up with a theory that disproved the theory of evolution?38.

What did the name for the country of the Bible come from?39.

What about the name “babe” in the United States?40.

What name would be given to a child born today?41.

How far away is the Moon from the Earth?42.

How large is the Earth from the Sun?43.

What sounds do you make when you shout “Hi, Mom!”?44.

What colors do you hear when you’re trying to talk to someone?45.

What was the name that you were given as a child?46.

How was your first kiss like?47.

How well do you read a map?48.

What has a “d” in front of it?49.

What word is the one that makes you feel like you’re walking in a maze?50.

What makes you smile when you think you’ve gotten a perfect answer?51.

How are you supposed to pronounce “mock” when you say something like: “I didn’t do that!”52.

What sort of person is this?53.

What kinds of animals are these?54.

What causes earthquakes?55.

What will happen if I make this wrong decision?56.

How fast do you run?57.

How slow do you walk?58.

What time is it in the morning?59.

What if you put a large amount of money into the lottery?60.

What types of foods do you eat?61.

What goes on inside your ears?62.

What sound do you sometimes make when people talk?63.

What shape is your face?64.

What height do you hold?65.

What food do you like to eat?66.

What flavor is the smell of a fish?67.

What should I eat for lunch?68.

How will the next election work?69.

How loud should I be?70.

What could you eat to calm a person down?71.

How hard is it to keep your voice in check?72.

What foods are toxic to your liver?73.

What can you do if your liver turns into a tumor?74.

How strong is your stomach?75.

How bad is it if you eat something that is too strong?76.

What have you seen on the news recently?77.

What else should I do if I’m worried about the future?78.

How high can I climb?79.

What comes before the sunset?80.

How easy is it for me to sleep?81.

What am I wearing today?82.

What weather is most comfortable?83.

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