This article was originally published in April 2017.

It has been updated to include the results of the survey and the survey results.

The survey results, in turn, were published on February 14, 2018.

More than 60,000 respondents answered questions on topics including “what do I want to learn”, “what I want from life”, “how can I learn?”, “what does it mean to be a problem solver?”, and “what can I do to improve my skills?”.

The survey was conducted between May and September 2018.

The respondents were drawn from the general population, professionals, and other professionals.

This survey was not intended to answer any specific question about the effectiveness of problem solving, but to determine if there is a generalised belief among employers that problem solving skills are of value and worth investing in.

The questions were designed to elicit responses from individuals of all ages, skills levels, and abilities, but the survey was weighted by respondents’ ability to answer.

The data collection and analysis was conducted by the Institute of Management and Society, University of Toronto, with the participation of the National Post and The Globe and Mail.

The full results of this survey were published in May 2018.