The 2016 election marked a new beginning for political parties.

The Republican Party regained control of the House, with the Democrats losing seats in the Senate and gaining control of both chambers of Congress.

This is a time when we can start thinking about how we can do better and how we might do better.

One thing we can agree on is that our political parties are going to need to evolve.

The GOP is going to have to adapt, and it will have to make some big decisions that have implications for the future of our political system.

We have a lot to learn from the Democrats.

They made big changes in the past decade, and their efforts have paid off, especially with the election of President Trump.

But we can’t forget the 2016 Democratic losses.

They are a part of our party’s past and the past is part of the present.

In 2016, they were the ones who lost control of Congress and the White House.

They lost the White Senate race in a landslide, but they also lost control over the Senate, the House and the governorships in several states.

The results of that loss will haunt Democrats for years to come.

We’ve seen this story play out before, and in some ways, the Democrats’ success in the 2016 cycle is a reminder that this is an era of opportunity.

The political parties and candidates have had their share of problems in the years since the end of World War II.

That period of consolidation has seen the rise of the right wing of the Republican Party, which has had an outsized influence in many states, and the rise and rise of right-wing populists.

Those populists have won elections in both parties and gained control of state legislatures and governorships.

This has created a deep partisan divide and fueled polarization in the country.

For many Americans, the prospect of the president of the United States being a Republican or a Democrat is no longer a given.

And it has created an environment in which it is harder and harder to elect Democrats to offices that are run by people who share their values and are dedicated to building a better country.

The 2016 elections show that, despite our efforts, the political parties can still be the parties of the future.

And they can do a lot better.

The party of Lincoln We are the party of Abraham Lincoln, the party that took the oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the U.S. We will do so with the support of our allies in Congress, the American people, the media and the business community.

This will be a long process, but we believe it will be worth it.

We are confident that our new leadership team will make historic strides to address our party and its challenges.

The first step is the nomination of a Democratic president, and we have faith that this will be accomplished.

And, in turn, we look forward to working with the new administration.

We look forward as well to working closely with the incoming administration, and will work closely with all of the other major players in the Democratic Party, including President Trump and Vice President Pence.

It is essential that the president and the new leadership of the Democratic administration put America first, and make the changes needed to get us there.

We want to work together to build a strong, inclusive, inclusive economy that serves the needs of every American, but especially those who are struggling to find jobs and housing.

We know that many Americans have felt the impact of a slow recovery from the Great Recession.

We need to be mindful of this, and not allow the party to become a vehicle for the GOP’s agenda of political self-destruction.

Our next steps will be to nominate and elect a Democratic leader to lead the Democratic party, as well as to work with the administration and other major party leaders to enact policies that will help our country move forward, rebuild our infrastructure and make sure every American has a chance to build an America where every American can be a leader and a citizen.

As we continue to rebuild the Democratic base, we will work with our allies to make sure our party is fully inclusive, that we have policies that promote equality, that are fair and inclusive and that are built on a sense of shared prosperity and a respect for the rights of all Americans.

We also look forward and will continue to build on the work of the party over the past eight years, including through the election and the general election, as we seek to advance the goals of our shared democracy.

The American Dream The American dream is our promise that every American deserves a chance at success, that their children and their grandchildren will have a better life than they have ever known, and that our nation will be stronger, more prosperous and more free.

In the 2016 elections, many of our leaders, including both Republicans and Democrats, lost the hope and belief that this was possible.

In fact, many people in our country lost hope that the party, the nation and the world would ever move in the direction they wanted.

The Democratic Party lost

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