A group of scientists has developed a solution to the ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) disease problem by solving the ALS problem with the ALS solution speech solution.

Researchers from the University of Waterloo and the University College London have discovered that people with ALS can develop the ALS-like condition by communicating with other ALS patients.

The problem of the ALS is due to damage to the nerve cells in the brain.

People with ALS often have difficulty speaking and swallowing and can develop severe muscle weakness.

They can have their speech and motor skills severely limited and they can also lose the ability to walk, sit or stand.

They also may develop a neurological disorder, which can cause symptoms including muscle weakness and paralysis.

Researchers have developed several ALS-related therapies.

The scientists developed a speech system called the ALS Speech Therapeutic Speech System (ALSSPTS) which uses a system of electrodes to transmit the speech to the brain using speech processing and sensory data.

The ALSSPTS is made up of an electrode which can detect the electrical signal of the voice and another electrode which uses the information from the electrodes to translate that signal into an electrical signal that can then be sent to the auditory nerve, a part of the brain that communicates with the vocal cords.

In a paper published in the journal Nature Communications, the researchers from the university said they have used the ALSSPT to treat patients with ALS, and have discovered a way to create a speech and communication system that would help people with this condition communicate with other patients.

“The ALS Speech System is a novel speech-to-speech system that uses the auditory neurons to communicate with the speech-processing and sensory neural pathways of ALS patients,” the researchers said.

“It is also possible to use the ALS speech system to communicate effectively with other people with a wide range of disabilities.”

The researchers said they are working to find new treatments that would not affect the patients voice or motor skills.

The researchers believe that the ALS SPT is a promising tool for helping to improve the quality of life of people with the condition.

They said they were able to identify two different brain areas that have been involved in the speech process, the speech motor cortex and the sensory motor cortex.

“This allows us to identify areas of the speech system that have become damaged or damaged to a lesser extent,” the scientists said.

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