When you buy a smartphone, you may be able to save up to £100 or more in the first year by using the free smartphone app ProblemSolutionAds, according to a new study.

The research suggests that the apps are used by 5.4 million people worldwide and is funded by ad tech firm KPMG.

The app was originally designed for the UK to help people get out of debt but it is also used by thousands of other people, according the report.

ProblemSolutionAd’s mobile app, which allows people to report their phones and smartphones’ battery life, is one of the most used and most popular smartphone problem solving apps, according its founder, Ben Williams.

The average user spends £1,200 on their smartphone a year, according a survey by mobile advertising agency, Gilt.

But that could be changing if problem solving ads are allowed to reach more people.

“We think the app is one that can help save a lot of money in the long run,” Williams told Business Insider.

Problem solution ads were first introduced in the UK in 2006 and the app was launched in the US last year.

The new study suggests that, in the short term, the app may save people money by reducing the amount of time they spend on their phones.

However, the researchers found that the app’s ads have a tendency to get in the way of real life.

“You’ll see a lot more ads in the app than you might expect.

They’re not actually relevant to the person in question,” Williams said.

Problem solutions ad is a free app and it allows users to report problems with their phones using the app.

Users report their phone’s battery life problems in the “Report My Problem” section and the report can be viewed by a number of different users.

The problem solution ad is able to help with the problem by displaying information about battery life and showing how many battery life issues are currently affecting users.

For example, when users report a phone’s display’s screen is “dead” or “battery is dead” or a problem with the phone’s microphone or camera, the ads will show an image of the problem and help users find out how to fix it.

The researchers found the ads are effective at reducing smartphone battery use because they don’t get in their way of getting to the real problem with their phone.

“The main issue with the app and the ad is that they get in your way of trying to get to the problem,” Williams explained.

The ProblemSolution ad is only one of many smartphone problem resolution apps.

There are also mobile phone apps called “free phones”, which are used to report phone problems.

These apps can be downloaded from Apple and Google Play stores and they work by displaying an image on a smartphone and asking users to try to solve the problem.

Problem resolution apps also come with a small advertising fee.

However this is no longer the case with ProblemSolution Ad because the app charges a small fee for the right to display the problem resolution image on your phone.

For users, ProblemSolution ads are cheaper than the free phones because they can be seen by a wider audience.

“I would argue that the problem solution ads are far more relevant and are actually more effective for people in the world that aren’t using smartphones at the moment,” Williams added.

Problem solving ads can be useful for many different purposes, such as saving money on mobile phone plans, Williams said, adding that it can help people resolve their financial issues.

However there are some disadvantages.

“There’s a small amount of ads and a lot is done in terms of how the ads can affect the actual problem,” he said.

The report says ProblemSolution Ads is available for Android and Apple phones, although it is unclear whether it can be used on other platforms such as Windows, Windows Phone or Windows 8 devices.

If you are considering buying a smartphone or a smartphone case, you should always ensure the free app is available in the country where you live and can be easily accessed through the app, Williams added, according

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