The Lad is a legend in Scottish folklore, and one of the most famous of all Scottish folklore tales.

His story is told in three parts.

Part 1 describes a young Lad, who travels the land, solving problems, with the help of a young lady, the mother of the Lad.

In Part 2, the Lad travels with a young girl, who is also his mentor.

Part 3 tells of a man, who returns from a journey to Scotland, and asks the Lad a series of questions about his journey.

The Lad has many names, but in the legend, the storyteller called him “The Lad”.

He was an adult man, born in 1821, but he had no children, nor did he live long enough to see them grow up.

In the first part of the legend he was a great warrior, who would fight for Scotland, but the tale is told that he left his homeland, the United Kingdom, and headed to Scotland to seek a new life.

He was told by a young woman that there was an old woman, named Mary, who had the power to bring men back to life, and he asked her for help in finding her.

The tale is also told that Mary would often visit her old mother, who was in her mid-60s.

She would visit her, and tell her stories, and even ask for a drink, and a meal.

She had a reputation for making the Lad drink.

The Lad asked for one, but was refused.

Then, in part 3, the lad was told that a young man came to Scotland from England, with an invitation to join her on a journey.

The lad was invited, and took the invitation.

He traveled with Mary, to a town called Llangod, where the young man had been staying, and the Lad and Mary had their first meeting.

Mary had an appointment with a doctor, who wanted to see the lad.

The doctor, the doctor was a woman, who met the lad, and was very excited by his story, and asked if he would like to see her.

The young man agreed, and left, to find a cure for the Lad’s disease.

In part 4, the young woman, the woman, tells the story of the first visit, and of the meeting.

The lad was able to find the doctor, and she told him the cure, and that she had been told that when a person is young and healthy, he will go to heaven, and when he grows old, he returns to earth.

This is what the lad said to her.

She went away to England, and found a doctor at a town named Croydon, who asked her about the Lad, and about the medicine he used to cure him.

She told the doctor that he had the powers of a fairy, who could cure him, and gave the lad some herbs, and then she told the lad the cure.

She said, the medicine worked, and his disease was cured.

She gave him a necklace, which he took, and told him that if he could only find the old lady, he could find the cure for his disease.

The next day, the old woman came to visit him, asking if she could have a drink with him.

The man agreed.

He went to her, she gave him her medicine, and they had a drink.

She asked him what he wanted to drink.

He asked her what she wanted to eat, and her answer was: “A cup of beer.”

The lad took the beer, and drank it.

She was surprised, and said to him: “How did you do that?”

The lad said: “You must have been very drunk.”

The old woman told the story to a servant girl, and all the servants went away, saying that this was the greatest fairy tale of all.

They all went back to England.

The next day the lad went to his aunt, who told him about the cure that had worked, the cure was working, and now the lad could return to his home.

The old lady said to the lad: “Now go and see the old man.

He is waiting for you.”

The lad went, and, while waiting for the oldman, he asked for the girl.

He said to his uncle: “I want to see you.”

The old man said: I’m going to wait outside the town hall for you.

He turned to the Lad in his arms, and kissed him.

Then the old Lad went to the town house, and opened the door.

There was a young boy sitting in the street, looking for the lady.

The lady came to him, gave him some water, and went out of the town.

The story is then told that the lad is a young, handsome man, with long, brown hair, and an almost black beard, with a white beard and black eyes.

He wears a hat, and has a white tunic with a gold buckle on the front,

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