In the world of audio amplifiers, Bose has been known for years for its audio products.

In fact, the company has been on the front lines of audio technology for more than a decade.

The company is known for its innovative designs, especially for the audio-to-video converters used in home and office environments.

Bose also pioneered the use of multiplexes in audio equipment, and for this, it is known to be one of the pioneers in the field.

But a recent report from the research firm DigitasLBi, which has been analyzing Bose products for over 10 years, found a problem with the audio equipment company’s products.

The report stated that while the company’s speakers have been the most widely used audio amplifier in the world, the problem was in the way Bose used its speakers to amplify its audio signals.

For example, the report stated, Bosch Audio Technologies had been using Bose’s Bose 5-series speakers in its consumer-grade audio converters.

These speakers have a built-in power amplifier, which allows them to handle higher-than-average power demands.

But Digitas LBi noticed that the speaker’s power amplifier is designed to operate at a nominal voltage of 7.8 volts, which the speaker itself does not have.

In addition, the speaker has a voltage divider that prevents it from operating at lower than 8 volts.

This causes the power amplifier to “totally fail” if Bose is operating it at 7.9 volts, the source of the problem.

The problem with Bose speakersThe problem of the power amp problem can be seen in the following diagram:When Bose uses the same speakers for both video and audio output, the amplifier is supposed to be able to operate with a nominal power of 7 watts.

But the power output of the speakers cannot exceed 7.5 watts.

The Digitas report also revealed that Bose only had one speaker with the power divider disabled, and that it was the 7.3-watt Bose 6 speaker.

The reason for this is because the Bose 7-series speaker’s output voltage is too high, the Digitas article said.

The problem with this particular speaker is that the amplifier doesn’t have enough power for the speakers to properly operate, so the amplifier cannot reach their maximum power output.

It is this limitation that causes the speaker to fail.

The speakers output voltage will not exceed 7 volts.

The Digitas source added that this problem would be the cause of a lot of problems for Bose.

It also said that the problem can also be seen with the Bosse Audio Converter that Boscht uses in its converters, where the power-supply line is connected to the speaker via a resistor.

Digitas said that this would make the converter susceptible to failure if the output voltage were lower than 7.6 volts.

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